An Invention to better your camping experience.

Camping is an adventure which everybody wants to experience at any time of the year. Yes! At any time. But rains and other weather conditions could just force you to rethink on your plan and consider some other option. All this disappointment can be now avoided with Tentsile Stingray. Tentsile Stingray is a back-packable tree house that you can carry anywhere. It’s extremely child friendly where you can put your tots inside the Tentsile and allow them to have fearless experience on the camping site, away from dangerous bugs, insects and other reptiles or predators.

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What you din’t know about “the plant of immortality”

What you din’t know about “the plant of immortality”_image 1


That there are medicinal plants is not something naïve. But this one is the simplest to use. ‘Aloe Vera’ is termed as the “Plant of Immortality” by the ancient Egyptians. It’s simplicity in usage, multiple boons that cure various ailments and increased health benefits make it a perfect for keeps at home. Whether it’s in a gel form or a consumable form like juice, the plant serves you with many healing powers that you can experiment. Here are reasons why it’s a worth choice of medicine:

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10 things that define your Indianness

Every nationality has its distinct influence on our personalities as we grow up. Similarly if you are an Indian, there are a few things that in-evidently become a part of your growing up journey. An upbringing in an Indian family scores maximum marks in teaching values as compared to anywhere else in the world. Like every culture has its distinct beliefs and mindsets towards life and things in general, so does India and Indians. Even if you have been born and brought up outside India in an Indian family, you are very likely to relate with the following. They just kind of bind us together and perhaps are the easiest tool of identifying Indians.

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