10 things that define your Indianness

Every nationality has its distinct influence on our personalities as we grow up. Similarly if you are an Indian, there are a few things that in-evidently become a part of your growing up journey. An upbringing in an Indian family scores maximum marks in teaching values as compared to anywhere else in the world. Like every culture has its distinct beliefs and mindsets towards life and things in general, so does India and Indians. Even if you have been born and brought up outside India in an Indian family, you are very likely to relate with the following. They just kind of bind us together and perhaps are the easiest tool of identifying Indians.

1. Your grandmother has the solution to every problem in your life(probably world). Be it your fever, cough, less marks, break-ups, injuries, disabilities, inabilities…. just say it and she will solve it.. everything!

2. The parenting style in an Indian family involves a lot of hits… I mean a lot of spanking. The age here doesn’t really matter whether you are 5 or 50 years old, your parents especially mother has the divine right to hit you as and when she thinks to. The last line will always say,”Ma I still love you”.

3. No matter who gets the Master-chef award, your mom is the best cook in the whole world and no one can come to terms with it. Not to forget Indian food is the best.

4. There is a ceremony to give you a name at birth and that’s just the 1st and the official one. The ceremony repeats itself as new relatives and family members enter in your family. You unofficially start getting nick names and the official one dis-appears. The nick name stays no matter how funny-stupid or embarrassing it sounds and its out of love and love only.

5. Your living is a ritual and a tradition or rituals and traditions are a part of your life. Touching your parents feet, praying, visits to temples, churches, mosques is a routine. You have learnt to pray and believe in god everyday whether you like it or not.

6. Relationship advises and sex education is never imparted from your parents. You cannot even read books to know anything about any of those. You will automatically learn it as your time comes and when you are meant to.

7. You change the discussions in your family as soon as you turn 20. They all want you to get married and its not their fault. Its the age. There is always that one pushy relative who will discuss the prospectives and that can also turn out to be the right one.

8. It is the mother who is the head of the family and not the father. You have learnt never to argue or debate with your mother when she is tired, stressed or bargaining.

9. You  will think before bringing your female friends home because your parents might assume something is going on.

10. This is the only Indian feature and you will surely not find anywhere else in the world. Advice is freely available from every possible directions whether it is called for or uncalled for. You yourself keep giving it whether you thought of it or you didn’t. People keep giving advice on everything that solely is or rather should be your business.


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