World No Tobacco Day 2015 – An update

On World-No Tobacco Day lets take an update as to how far and effective we as a nation have reached to curb the ill effects of tobacco consumption. Statistics will easily show that India is the second largest consumer of tobacco in the form of gutkas, bidis and cigarettes. The ignorance has now lead the younger adults to get into  the consumption of tobacco which traditionally has seen low rates of oral cancer.
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Pocket Friendly Cafes of Mumbai

While we look for eateries outside, a cafe has a different aura altogether. They are more cozy, friendly and fun to be in. From the menu to the ambiance, there is no better place than a cafe when it comes to being with friends and an acquaintance and just humming the tunes of life in general over a cup of coffee/tea. The diversity of Mumbai is reflected largely in its places that serve food. Here are the best cafe’s of Mumbai that treat you without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Book your seats for a Goa Trip in September with Women on Clouds Club

Beaches, ladies, food, parties, sun, sand and sea-your dream is probably not sounding anything better than this. One name that can replace the above said in perfection is Goa. Loads of little clothes and holiday spirit is all you need to backpack with.

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Ladies! A night of gossip before the weekend is unmissable

Ladies! Gossip isn’t a sin. It’s an art. Why wait for weekend when you can do and get all of it on a Wednesday. Yes! The week is yet to close down, but you can chill out at The Mugshot Lounge. Avail free cocktails and many more exciting offers while your man claims a descent 20% off, if and only if he is accompanying you.

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Word Express with Trilogy in Mumbai

Language and story engagements are wonderful and refreshing for kids. It enlightens their creative instinct and makes them come up with something new. The art of story telling, story writing and character detailing just got better. Trilogy knows how to get that right for your kids. Words will become the world for your kids from May 11 to May 15 as they get a chance to run their minds recreating the stories of magical creatures from faraway lands, solving mysterious crimes and learn how to rightly update their diary/ journal.

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