World No Tobacco Day 2015 – An update

On World-No Tobacco Day lets take an update as to how far and effective we as a nation have reached to curb the ill effects of tobacco consumption. Statistics will easily show that India is the second largest consumer of tobacco in the form of gutkas, bidis and cigarettes. The ignorance has now lead the younger adults to get into  the consumption of tobacco which traditionally has seen low rates of oral cancer.


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Bidi Tobacco
Bidi Tobacco


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The steps taken till date have marginally helped in decreasing the consumption but the consumption of bidi and gutka remains high.  These are more likely to cause oral cancer. The steps taken to reduce the intake of tobacco are as follows:

The Indian Government has increased  the excise duty on tobacco products but lacks in implementation.

educating the masses about the ill-effects of tobacco can also help to a certain extent. This measure however remains ineffective as it does not impact the availability of cigarettes on streets.

Other measures like early detection of cancer and health insurance coverage have also helped to reduce the consumption of tobacco.

The two initiatives that need aggressive implementation is educating the masses by giving this issue a priority and making sure the availability is reduced. This can improve the situation on ground and we can together help bring down the intake of tobacco to a considerable extent.

The level of participation in reducing the tobacco consumption also needs to improve.  We as individuals,  authorities, organisations, social activists, community workers, government organizations, policy makers need to come forward and fight the cause in totality.

Today  its time we reflect on the state of measures taken to curb the widespread consumption that has killed many. Lets remember that the task is not for today, it needs a collective effort for the sake of humanity.

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