Indian Parliament and it current Monsoon Session

The monsoon session has reached its 4th day in Indian Parliament and what we see is all kinds of disruption instead of talks, evaluations or proposals. The behavior of the people is the farthest from setting an example for the future generation – the only hope of their measures and initiations succeeding. India is know for its hospitality, values and culture that sets us apart as humans. While reading this if you see pictures of our parliament sessions, you probably will conclude something else.

Amount of money – Rs. 29000 for every minute, Rs. 35 crore for all 18 days. That  is hard earned money of citizens who pay taxes to see a positive change. Some do so willingly (of course they are rich, but they do) and some are forced to for survival. Those who cannot ? They are looted from a different route.

Not getting into the negatives, I try to foresee a way out. This is what usually happens when one feels one cannot do anything to solve this immediately or you have just lost all the faith in the people who promise a better future. Having said that, I would like to state it clearly that I have full faith in my constitution and judiciary and will always have.  It is right now that I feel what I write, just to express the frustration in a better way. The Temple Of Democracy’ has come a long way and it is failing to realize the shift  in the mindsets of people, especially the youth. Gone are the days when I was hearing ‘Any profession but Politics’. I see it as governance – as the best and will keep doing that. It is governance, serving people and thus serving humanity. It is because we have a history behind us that has closed the doors to see it in the light of positivity, that 1 in every 100 is willing to getting into the system. We fail to realize that only change is constant and the rule in all its entirety applies in politics too. It is clearly not a hierarchy business or about influence that you try your hand and stick to that place for years.

There has to be change that takes place constantly. In terms of ways, in terms of evaluation procedures of work-ethics-people, in terms of environment, in terms of reforms and policies etc. The latter happens but it is hardly anything that empowers ‘our people’. To be specific the underprivileged. There is a trend that is clearly visible in government and certain political parties. They want the poor to remain poor so that they remain a reason for them to be in power. This is what must be an alarm.  You need to have genuine voices that want to support and influencers who clinge to your name to see their political career in a ray of hope.

Just because something has been failing for over 60 years doesn’t make it difficult or dirty. Our people need to understand this. It only means that it is not renewed with new ideas,creativity, women and dreams. Let every next set of people have something new to serve the society with. In our case every new set of people are doing the same things with the society. Achieving balance in all areas of society is they key. Any system that fails here loses its credibility. That having said, it does not mean that every citizen needs to be in politics/governance. We need active participation and monitoring from our people, conclude the procedures in a fair manners and do not let the wrong/corrupt progress. That happens in many ways in a democratic system like ours. This is power. To express yourself and your society in its originality at every stage of life (not start a school life with a country of dreams and while you turn 60-70-80 die telling your kids to never enter politics). To proudly tell your kids, governance is the first step in any profession, that is the level at which you should take your business idea to or expand your business idea to. To not ignore but willingly accept your society for its strengths and embrace it instead of crying and mulling over the lack of services and amenities. This would be a way in which I see the India of my dreams.


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