What is the mystery of development?

Time and again there is a new political party that has almost same things to talk about in India. What changes is the generation.That’s heart wrenching and disgusting. I always wonder why is all that not happening?  Why our politicians are never done with city and/or state roads? Why is it that there is constant a struggle to send our kids to schools (No! that has nothing to do with rich or poor). Why our women are not happy? In spite of being a country with a rich and diverse culture, why is there so much duality? We have the homes of rich located exactly in between the slums of poor? What is the ideal way of governance?
Without being assertive, I would like to to bring up some issues and ways. It is of utmost important that we do good and very consciously look for voting the good and not just remain alert about not voting the bad. It is actively passive. Too real for a political system like India but it is happening and it is visible too. Our approach of living hardly includes serving society by duty. It includes serving society by choice. We are trained to believe that it is the duty of the army, navy and the air force to protect the nation. That is wrong. Protecting a nation has many dimensions to it. It is the duty of ‘every citizen’. The question of our army men running around with guns would not arise if each one of us participate in our democratic processes. This includes voting during elections, understanding the parliament processes, the system of our government and governance, the budget allocations etc. It is simple, no one is asking you to get into governance, but remain updated and have a view point on it, have a say. Your voice matters.

The whole concept of ‘men will remain men’ is just too cliche. Women need to step in governance and by choice, plan, focus, vision and will. It cannot be because you are born in a family that supports working women. That is the last thing. Find out your place and reason to be and feed it. There is enough of talks and debates but it is only action that speaks for itself. It is no joke to get in politics and governance, it is serious work. Those who are doing it know about it. I in no way mean you get threat calls, face abuse and blah blah as you keep hearing (you just got that thought in mind if at all). Yes it may be a part of the present situation but there is other side to things. There are people who are in dire need. Some will place you like gods if you can manage to feed them twice a day. There are people who need support, light, food, money to survive and not make deal out of it. Women can deal with it too and should.

Lets collectively decide and ponder on what are the issues that require a government to address it. With the current attitude, we clearly cannot leave the idea of fulfilling the basic needs on ‘government’. Keep the whole inflation debate at bay, it would be fair for a citizen to ask for a Rs. 10,000 job to make for his food shelter and living. That apart lets not call a family a ‘struggling’ one if all their members are earning. It is being responsible in the simplest form. So that is what matters. We need to understand who should give approvals, when and on what basis. It just cannot be the same things and criteria for 60 long years. Is that for real? Our school text books teach  the same stories to every new generation. Pheww! Every new human is forced to dump his/or her own creativity, ideas and dreams. Can we focus on hiring some who can do some justice to the innocent dreams? This is in no way disrespecting any great minds that India has had. We can find a new way to keep them known to generations to come but definitely not at the cost of obstructing the blooming of dreams at the time that they should.


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