Why AAP is facing so many difficulties

Winning a 67/70 in Delhi elections was historic beginning of the year 2015. It has never happened in the history of Indian politics that a common man stood up to fight against corruption and went on to become a CM of a stateless administration not once but twice. This is ‘PURE Democracy’. This peoples mandate. On the other side the dignity and respect of  PM’s post has been constantly undermined by the careless silences and false promises within just one year of taking the oath. Trying to evaluate the situation in Delhi, I realize that the first and the most prominent thing that needs to happen in Delhi is full-statehood to end the duality of administration. The BJP is following a dictator attitude simply to stay in power and not let the elected government work in its entirety. This is clearly visible as the announcements of work and legitimate evaluations are suppressed by appointments and resignations of posts here and there to favor hooglism and waste time.
The current manner in which the Delhi government is functioning is like an NGO. A political force has much more authority to make and implement decisions. Even more when it has been selected by people to look after governance that is so diverse and yet a complex one. What the BJP fails to realize is this movement against corruption is a national one and not just pertaining to Delhi. The Anna Hazare movement was a countrywide protest and people from all walks of life and professions came together to fight against corruption.  Personalities like Prashant Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav, Anand Rai are the biggest assets and should come back in the AAP structure. It is not how the perform in politics that matter, but their perspectives for politics matter. Their direction matters. Their monitoring matters. They might not be active on grounds but they are thoroughly updated with the pulse  of the subjects like, economy, analytics and alike. It is more about the right people coming together to facilitate right brainstorming and thus decisions, more precisely creative decisions that empower our political system to resist corruption that is so rooted in every manner of functioning.

The major issues that are peoples issues remain the same however. How is the tax payers money spent? Why the price rises? Why transfers of officers? Why the circle of receiving tax payers money and giving them the services back bypass the poor? Where is the accountability and transparency of the work done? They cannot remain unanswered. Here is where AAP stands on a different ground. That is a positive.

Looking at the picture in a different light, there is a lot of spirituality in the air in terms of the approach that AAP has been following. It is a good thing but presently it is not helping the party build any credibility the way it should have been. It needs a set process of authority and delegation of work and limit the entry of its people. The co-ordination of the right people is of utmost important as challenging times lie ahead. I would equate it with expertise as well as willingness to learn. I don’t know the exact count of people but what I try to say is the system and work patterns matter with a party like AAP that has raised issues that other political parties will out rightly reject. That apart the people are selfless and the issues are public so the question of self gain stand at the least prominence.

What I await to see apart from the corrupt taking an exit is AAP setting an example for itself and not other political parties. No ads please. Save money. It is politics. The zest and the vibe to serve the nation is highly respected given their survival in times of chaos witnessed in past. Cheers 🙂


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