How I adore the lovely Deepika Padukone!

She is a dream girl, and I love her in totality. Poised, dignified and graceful, this lady has held he journey in a respectable manner. She is a perfect blend of beauty and brains. From her films to her fashion, interviews to shoots, she pours in Indian values in every thing she does. There are a few actors I really admire in Bollywood and our lovely Aishwarya Rai Bachchan being the first. Deepika is surely in the same bucket. She has a lot of ashness in her. Very carefully held and charming as always.

Why am I writing about her today? Her Dubsmash video is toooo cute and I could not resist talking about her. It is because in the current times when there is hardly any meat in movies, she is willing to take the plunge to do something that is an inner calling rather than a commercial success. Her relativity with her audience is natural and she is experimental in her choices. She is a wild child within and it is a very visible trait in her conversations. Her video My Choice was an amazing way to show how strongly she supports feminism. It did get trolled for wired reasons but haters will always blabber. I do not why I am writing this post but truly proud to have you here lady. Looking forward to see you more and more.

Watch her Dubsmash here:



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