10 Must Follow Indian Food Blogs For Every Foodie

Blogs are an interesting place to find, share and curate valuable content. People share their personal experiences and that is what makes it super cool. So for all you foodies out there, you definitely are seeking ways to blend well with the art of cooking as well as eating. Whether a newbie or a culinary expert, these Indian Food Blogs are a great resource to recipes, insights and ideas of everything cooking, eating and food. Also these are my favorites.

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Benefits of Conscious Breathing


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All of us are leading a hectic lifestyle. We practically do not have the time to manage our health and wealth both at the same time, failing to realize that there are more pleasant things in life to do than just be active on social media or at your work place. Have you ever considered the impact of your stress and over busy schedules on your mental and emotional wellbeing? You might feel alright but there are chances you are missing the warning signals of health problems.

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