#Brexit – When breakups are painful!

In an organization, there are various people from the different sectors who work for the benefit and betterment for the organisation. The investors, the management, the employees, the directors, the mechanical, technical, and other such departments give their best to get a better output in some or the other form for organization’s growth. And all of a sudden, there is a time when one of the core member leaves the organization and plans to do something of his own, using the same sources and the resources that he had been using in the organization for his own growth. The situations at the organization as well as the place where the person is going to start something on his own changes or we would say traumatizes.

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Complexion Salon – A place for Delhi-ites to find your natural beauty!

Mother-daughter, a knot that holds the beauty of nature and existence, ferrying the grace of this adorable connect, Complexion Salon is a chain of grooming boutiques which is managed by the professional mother-daughter duo, Mrs. Anita Kalra and Mrs. Ena Madaan. Ruling in their own expert zones, Mrs. Kalra holds an experience of over 20 years while Ena Madaan is an award winning makeup artist and an alumnus from International School of Hair and Makeup, London. Both the owners endure an exquisite hand in the range of beauty services they provide and are recommended for the natural beauty treatments they cater.

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#TravelPhotoStory: Kerala Trip By Manish Kumar

“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.”  ― Diane Arbus

A picture is worth a thousand words is a rightly said phrase. There is so much more to a photo. One can delve into time, people, stories and emotions that one hardly wants to come out of it. We decided to showcase stories but without words. Let the expressions be read through eyes and let the shades of life unfold in a text-less manner. Here is our first one by blogger Manish Kumar. He sums up his Kerala trip in these 10 photos and we love to see the culture and heritage float on the brim.

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#AlivConversations: The Travelling Couple – Elsie And Victor Ferns

Travel is an expedition we consciously make. It puts us in a state to absorb the nature, life and history LIVE. It influences us as individuals and inspires us to reach out to what is otherwise unknown. If simply traveling was this majestic, what would it be to travel with your better half?  Elsie shared with us her couple travel tale. If you are reading ahead, you will want to escape to an exotic location right away. Go ahead and thank us later.

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