#Brexit – When breakups are painful!

In an organization, there are various people from the different sectors who work for the benefit and betterment for the organisation. The investors, the management, the employees, the directors, the mechanical, technical, and other such departments give their best to get a better output in some or the other form for organization’s growth. And all of a sudden, there is a time when one of the core member leaves the organization and plans to do something of his own, using the same sources and the resources that he had been using in the organization for his own growth. The situations at the organization as well as the place where the person is going to start something on his own changes or we would say traumatizes.

The case is similar in the European countries, where the business is the European Union, Britain being the major investor and the others being the members of the EU. European Union is basically an economic and political partnership between the European countries-28 European countries. The idea of the union lies with the fact that the member countries wanted to foster their economic growth as well as build friendly trade relations with the member countries.

Currently, Britain decides to leave the European Union for the sake of their own country’s growth as well as on the votes that are given out by the citizens of Britain who want it to be out of the EU. Something that they had been investing in the European Union and for the trading sectors for the European countries, they can use the same finance and the same resources in building up their own country a better place.

The whole exit of the Britain from EU was being carried out on 23rd June, 2016, through a vote out system (referendum) where in the citizens of the nation (almost everyone under the voting age) voted and gave their opinions over the Britain’s exit or remaining in the EU. The election is said to be the highest turnout with more than 30 million people voting which is being the highest after 1992 general elections. According to the results and readings, 51% have voted for the UK to leave, while the rest 49% voted for it to remain.

There are many pros and cons of the Britain’s exit from the European Union where in the citizens of the UK that are working with the EU are going to be affected, the overall economy of the European Union, Britain as well as the world is being affected, the EU nationals that are working or wish to work in UK, duty free sales to be back into the picture, the overall business and market scenarios, the trade and the transport to be the most affected because of the breaking up from the purpose of the EU, and the other issues that the EU nations and Britain’s discussed as one earlier are going to be questioned and put up for the discussions.

The breaking of the news of the Britain’s exit from the EU has already crashed the markets throughout the world, affecting big conglomerates, countries and the economies round the world. In n time the social media saw #Brexit trending worldwide with all kinds of opinions, views and surprised remarks. Twitter also saw @BrexitWatch as a handle that will now be independently analysing and updating the #Brexit referendum, news and updates. While the world is talking over the fall in the market, there are relations and treaties between the countries that are being equally knotted. Although the results are out, but there are still various issues and oppositions that the citizens and the countries of the UK have against the Britain’s exit from the European Union and the discussions are still going over the country and the world. All we have to say is break ups are painful. Stay united. Stay #Aliv


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