758 Soldiers In Turkey Freed After An Abortive Coup

In an attempt to a failed coup, where more than 60,000 people were either detained, suspended or removed, the turkey government on Saturday released 758 of its soldiers while 231 remain in custody. The president further has announced to drop the lawsuits against those who insulted him in a gesture of ‘unity’. The Turkey Defence Minister however has said that the shakeup was not yet over and military academics would now be a target of cleansing.

Turkey’s military is the second largest in NATO. After the failed coup nearly 40% of generals and admirals have been dismissed. On 28th July, 99 Colonels were promoted to the rank of general or admiral. This was followed by the dishonourable discharge of 1,700 military personnel. Turkey’s military is facing violence from IS on its border with Syria and also in Kurdish Southeast.

Turkey is likely to shut its military academics in an attempt to being it under tighter government control. The armed forces would be put under the command of the Defence Minister Fikri Isik. The president is like to make changes, few of which would be announced on Sunday in Governments official gazette. More here from The Guardian

The president is considering options to control Turkey’s Spy Agency National Intelligence Organization and Chief Of Staff. He is likely to bring constitutional changes that brings both under his direct control. The procedure will involve amendments that will be sent to parliament for approval. For this the government requires approval from the opposition parties. A super majority of two-thirds is needed to implement the constitutional changes.

The president further said that the military schools will be shut and Turkey will have National Military University. The heads of Land, Sea and Air will directly report to the Defence Minister Firki Isik. The president has complained of intelligence failures and was unhappy with the reporting of MIT and its chief. He termed the coups as a serious intelligence failure.

Updated 1.00 pm on 31/7/2016


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