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This Guy Tells You Quick Ways To Master Indian Constitution

We all are patriotic when it comes to our country. We feel for the problems, deal with them and celebrate our solutions. Our constitution acts as a guiding force from one time to another. Yes we all know this too. But have you ever thought of going through what is actually written in our ‘Samvidhaan’ ? The thought itself can freak out some given the length and breadth of issues it covers. But then that is what it is all about. We found three videos that can show you a cool way to smell the contents of our Constitution.

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Our Weekly Event Guide March 12, 2017 To March 19, 2017

Our purpose is to discover the new, disruptive, pleasantly innovative stuff by creative minds around the country and the globe.  We curate the best events in the Indian cities which could be about art, brands, creativity, literature or social issues. So every week, we serve you with what we think are super cool ways to engage be it with your passion, family or friends. You can submit an event to us in an email. Check out the best vantage points in the cities.

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Make Every Dish Delicious – Grow These Herbs In Your Home

Organic lifestyle is the in-thing. It surely is the present and the future of healthy living. Until now, we’ve seen ourselves and most of us we know buy herbs or masalas from super stores. This activity is not just expensive but also extra hard. We say this because we are going to tell you how you can grow most commonly used herbs inside your house. That is how we define luxury. You have them right next to your kitchen and whenever you want.

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Women’s Day Advertising Campaigns To Look For

Women’s Day celebrations are all around as the International Women’s day nears on March 8. Every year this day brings to the fore different issues about women and gives us a reality check as to where have women actually marched. From education and employment, to entrepreneurship and social status, from being the heart of the family to taking risks that were never seen before with women, this is the day we get to notice the women of real spirits who are inspirational for change. We take a close look at some campaigns on women’s issues that are doing rounds and we think you should too. They are all out to make you feel special and important. Get pampered 😉

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