Women’s Day Advertising Campaigns To Look For

Women’s Day celebrations are all around as the International Women’s day nears on March 8. Every year this day brings to the fore different issues about women and gives us a reality check as to where have women actually marched. From education and employment, to entrepreneurship and social status, from being the heart of the family to taking risks that were never seen before with women, this is the day we get to notice the women of real spirits who are inspirational for change. We take a close look at some campaigns on women’s issues that are doing rounds and we think you should too. They are all out to make you feel special and important. Get pampered 😉

  1. MOM be a girl again – Amazon India – It was all about the girl you never knew, the one who did not meet your dad. The one who was dreaming life and working to live that dream. The one who imagined a life with you before you were born. This is a heart touching video to the girl who your mom is.
  2. Microsoft’s MakeWhatsNext – This one is by McCann is about motivating girls to ‘Change The World. Stay In STEM’ and actively pursue careers in the fields of science and technology. Know more about the ad campaign here.
  3. Reliance Fresh #JeeLeZara The digital film talks about a 50-year old wife who wants to go on a vacation with her ‘girl-gang’. The husband cannot do without her. The film is an appeal to the women to live her life a little for herself too. Know more about the ad campaign here. 
  4. Brook Bond Red Label comes up with #UnStereotypeEquality was redefined with this emotive and enlightening story. There cannot be any comparison between a girl and a boy. Time to change. Know more about this ad campaign here.
  5. TATA CliQ brings #WhateverCLIQSForYou – A week long campaign focuses on the diversity and raw fashion that speaks loud on equity of fashion. The campaign urges women to celebrate their skin, bodies and looks as they are in complete state of rawness.
  6. ROPOSO asks us to #ThankHerEveryday – The campaign brings to light and thanks the unsung female domestic help who are responsible for the life we celebrate in many ways. These women are the pillars that are often overlooked and not given their due credit. The campaign provided a platform to everyone to thank their female house helps and make them feel acknowledged and appreciated.
  7. CashKaro says #SheCEO – This brand went all out and celebrated women entrepreneurs. The breed that is likely to change the landscape of Indian economy. Should we rather say ‘redefine’. SheCEO becomes a platform for to-be women entrepreneurs and women CEOs to network, explore investor opportunities and connect with industry experts. Know more about the initiative here.
  8. Benetton says #UnitedByHalf – This campaign celebrates women and asks them to unite by the ‘equal’ and not the better or the worse half that they are stereotyped for ages. Know more about the ad campaign here. You can also join the movement here.

Check out some more campaigns on women’s day here.

Tell us  more about your celebrations on Women’s Day and share those special and remarkable moments with us in the comments below.


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