This Guy Tells You Quick Ways To Master Indian Constitution

We all are patriotic when it comes to our country. We feel for the problems, deal with them and celebrate our solutions. Our constitution acts as a guiding force from one time to another. Yes we all know this too. But have you ever thought of going through what is actually written in our ‘Samvidhaan’ ? The thought itself can freak out some given the length and breadth of issues it covers. But then that is what it is all about. We found three videos that can show you a cool way to smell the contents of our Constitution.

I was just getting my basics right and I bumped into a video that told me, you can learn constitution in 3 parts. I was taken away and really wanted to know HOW on earth can I do that. I always wanted to but I am not officially a political studies student and studying now like how we use to freaks me out again. I had to rethink before I give up on this. Can I complete learning? Don’t know. But started already. Check the 3 parts below that introduce you to the broad contents of our constitution and that makes it fairly simple to get into the details gradually.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Source: Indian Polity

We welcome contributors who can come up with cool ways to even master the articles. If you can or know someone who can, shoot us a mail right now. Raise your hand for your country. #BAliv


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