Namaste! AlivIndia is about all cool things that a brand discovers about India. In other words we are a brand discovery platform. From India but for the world.

The focus is a lot more on the  Indian-ness. Apart from the definite tradition and the culture, the festivals, occasions, food that we have, the humanitarian side of this country has always been a source of inspiration for us. We aim to make this a one point source to discover India, our culture, our tradition and our way of life through brands, initiatives, events and more.

If you are a brand that is delving deep to promote a skill, craft, product or service or anything else, let’s get talking about it. We are here to bring you to light, create a community for you and also promote your craft. We would want you to check out some brands we’ve previously covered.

We are pro initiatives/innovations that promote employment, women employment, entrepreneurship, education, governance/civic and social causes. You can write to us at alivindia99@gmail.com collaborate with us, partner with us or choose us for a blogger outreach campaign.

Explore us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The team here is always there to respond to your suggestions, feedback, and queries.

Stay tuned as this is just a beginning.

With Love,

Aliv Team

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