This Guy Tells You Quick Ways To Master Indian Constitution

We all are patriotic when it comes to our country. We feel for the problems, deal with them and celebrate our solutions. Our constitution acts as a guiding force from one time to another. Yes we all know this too. But have you ever thought of going through what is actually written in our ‘Samvidhaan’ ? The thought itself can freak out some given the length and breadth of issues it covers. But then that is what it is all about. We found three videos that can show you a cool way to smell the contents of our Constitution.

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A Braille Atlas For Visually Impaired – India Invents

India’s visually impaired population is over 50 lakhs. They now can study and learn India’s geography in detail rather than relying only on literature. Thanks to the efforts of NATMO and the initiative with a vision to make scientific information available to these souls in a cost-effective manner. Apparently free of cost.

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Happy 70th Independence Day To All The Fellow Indians

We have had a long struggle of freedom in past and since then, ideally we are independent from the Britishers but we have been tangled in ourselves after that. There are issues that we try to find independence from, be it from communalism, terrorism, reservations or corruption  Yet, 15th August is always celebrated as the Independence Day of India, from the British Rule, from the struggle, from the imprisonment, from harsh impositions and much more. On the contrary, it also did leave us apart from our brother country, Pakistan. This day India pledges to make the country better on all the fronts.

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758 Soldiers In Turkey Freed After An Abortive Coup

In an attempt to a failed coup, where more than 60,000 people were either detained, suspended or removed, the turkey government on Saturday released 758 of its soldiers while 231 remain in custody. The president further has announced to drop the lawsuits against those who insulted him in a gesture of ‘unity’. The Turkey Defence Minister however has said that the shakeup was not yet over and military academics would now be a target of cleansing.

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Nepal’s PM K.P.Oli Steps Down

The Prime Minister K.P.Oli has resigned minutes before parliament was suppose to vote on a no confidence motion that he was likely to loose. He submitted his resignation after serving for nine months in office. The resignation puts Nepal in a fresh political turmoil.

Oli who was heading the eighth government in Nepal’s last 10 years history. He has been facing a no-trust motion in the wake of severe protests by Madhesis against the new constitution. The Maoists have also withdrawn their support from the coalition government.

Oli tendered his resignation after two key ruling alliance partners — Madhesi People’s Rights Forum-Democratic and Rastriya Prajatantra Party — decided to support the no-confidence motion tabled against him by the Nepali Congress (NC) and the CPN-Maoist Centre led by Prachanda.

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