A Braille Atlas For Visually Impaired – India Invents

India’s visually impaired population is over 50 lakhs. They now can study and learn India’s geography in detail rather than relying only on literature. Thanks to the efforts of NATMO and the initiative with a vision to make scientific information available to these souls in a cost-effective manner. Apparently free of cost.

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#AlivConversations: Shabia Walia from Tattva

Women and beauty can never go out of fashion. The goodness is always trending. But have the times changed? Are women getting busier day by day and starting to compromise on their skin care regime? Well, if not all a couple of them are. I am a woman and constantly under a dilemma whether the products I use are really nourishing my skin or am I just marginally increasing the sales of a particular brand. That’s when I connect with Shabia Walia, Founder of Tattva who proudly turns down the expensive labels as she manufactures her own. She is a mother and was enlightened to the damages caused due to the chemicals we intake in our daily lives with all that we consume be it skin care products or food. I couldn’t agree more with her. Her passion revolves around providing natural and best quality skin care products to women and moms who care for their skin. Read on to know more.

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Meet Payal Tyagi – Mompreneur who is spreading fragrance with an Indian touch

There is something that makes women entrepreneurs special to me. They are more than the general perceptions. They make reality out of dreams and are inspirational. Some have started out before climbing the so called corporate ladder while some post that. Immaterial as the satisfaction one gets after following your heart is timeless and priceless. This is the first Mompreneur feature with #AlivConversations and is only giving me a high.

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