International Literacy Day 2016 – All That Is Around Us

It is International Literacy Day today and we at Alivindia strongly believe in the importance of being a literate and also passing the legacy to our future generations. So what meaning the word ‘literacy’ has for you? We need some real, fun, quirky answers from you. Post them in the comments below and lets share our views. We bring you the updates and happenings around India and the world as everyone is talking and  thinking ‘LITERACY’.

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Word Express with Trilogy in Mumbai

Language and story engagements are wonderful and refreshing for kids. It enlightens their creative instinct and makes them come up with something new. The art of story telling, story writing and character detailing just got better. Trilogy knows how to get that right for your kids. Words will become the world for your kids from May 11 to May 15 as they get a chance to run their minds recreating the stories of magical creatures from faraway lands, solving mysterious crimes and learn how to rightly update their diary/ journal.

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Trilogy has some romantic literary sessions on 19th Sunday

For those who love literary affairs, Trilogy manages to carry off the engagement in impressive ways. This Sunday the 19th of April, Trilogy starts with new sessions under its Poetry Project. Introducing John Keats, 2nd generation Romantic who died in his twenties, the session takes you through the various aspects that gives a poem the romanticized touch. So if you are into books, love and literary romance, these sessions surely make for a great Sunday morning indulgence.

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