Pocket Friendly Cafes of Mumbai

While we look for eateries outside, a cafe has a different aura altogether. They are more cozy, friendly and fun to be in. From the menu to the ambiance, there is no better place than a cafe when it comes to being with friends and an acquaintance and just humming the tunes of life in general over a cup of coffee/tea. The diversity of Mumbai is reflected largely in its places that serve food. Here are the best cafe’s of Mumbai that treat you without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Trilogy has some romantic literary sessions on 19th Sunday

For those who love literary affairs, Trilogy manages to carry off the engagement in impressive ways. This Sunday the 19th of April, Trilogy starts with new sessions under its Poetry Project. Introducing John Keats, 2nd generation Romantic who died in his twenties, the session takes you through the various aspects that gives a poem the romanticized touch. So if you are into books, love and literary romance, these sessions surely make for a great Sunday morning indulgence.

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Judicial Museum in Mumbai – A Sunday visit

The city of Mumbai is filled with rich architectural history Mumbai now has a Judicial museum at Bombay High Court. The court dipicts rich judicial history of Mumbai spaninng for three centuries.

Right from Mayor’s court which was the first court that was held in Mumbai (then Bombay) between 1726 – 1798 to the Reader’s court which was seen functioning till 1824. Then succeeded the Supreme Court of Bombay (today High Court of Bombay) 1824-1862 and is in operation presently.

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