Air Charter Services – Travel luxurious

If you have been living in India, you know how chaotic, time consuming and expensive the traffic or travel for that matter  can get. Especially, if you hail from a metro city like Mumbai or Delhi. It’s not just nerve wrecking to wait for almost endless hours in traffic, but during festivals, occasions or any other emergency like situations, this traffic can literally become a question of life and death. So what do you really do in such situations and how do you deal with it?

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Popular YouTube Channels To Learn Indian Style Cooking

Cooking is an art. As cliché as it may sound. One cannot do without food but to spend each day exploring the blend of culinary secrets and mysteries is not all choose to engage into. Food lovers will explore food till their last breath. In terms of ingredients, cooking and tastes. One of the easiest way to explore a variety of dishes and creative ways to fill the tummy is to use internet to your advantage. The digital age is not all that bad. There are various YouTube channels which you can subscribe to and make sure you have one new dish each day of your life.

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10 Popular YouTube Channels For Learning Languages

Language is said to be the linking pin between people and countries. And therefore, because the demand that is growing in learning new languages, we thought of listing a few YouTube channels that teach you different languages.

Here is a list of top 10 YouTube channels that make you learn languages in no time. All you need to do is to simply go through them, get the hitch of it and practice by speaking. And Voila! One more language adds up in your dictionary.

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#CreativeCraft – Wedding Dress Out Of Tissue Paper Rolls

Tissues or tissue paper rolls are often used as a cleaning tool. They are used and then dumped in the dustbins. Ever thought of making a creative use of tissues and changing it into something that could be helpful to us. Tissue papers make for an inexpensive and a versatile component of creative craft material and you will be surprised to know its simplicity with which it blends in a variety of uses.

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Complexion Salon – A place for Delhi-ites to find your natural beauty!

Mother-daughter, a knot that holds the beauty of nature and existence, ferrying the grace of this adorable connect, Complexion Salon is a chain of grooming boutiques which is managed by the professional mother-daughter duo, Mrs. Anita Kalra and Mrs. Ena Madaan. Ruling in their own expert zones, Mrs. Kalra holds an experience of over 20 years while Ena Madaan is an award winning makeup artist and an alumnus from International School of Hair and Makeup, London. Both the owners endure an exquisite hand in the range of beauty services they provide and are recommended for the natural beauty treatments they cater.

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