Our New Section – Akshar – Bond Strong

India has recognised 22 languages as official languages. How many do you know? or how many can you speak? Languages are my love and I started teaching Hindi to Expats in 2011. Since then there has been no looking back. This initiative now expands and we are glad to announce that we are undertaking training courses for Indian Languages.

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Gardening Activities In Mumbai

Autumn is waving a good bye to Mumbai and we are about to see summers soon. Days are getting hotter and malls are going to be even more crowded as holidays began. So the best way to enjoy the summers is to take up fun activities and fuel your hobbies all out in open. Otherwise, these engagements just get buried under the books or to-do lists. A lot of us enjoy being with the nature, plants and trees. So here is a list of gardening/farming activities in Mumbai that promise you a refreshing break.

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14 Bedtime Beverages For Better Sleep (With Recipes)

Coffee, Tea or a glass of plain warm milk are common picks when it comes to drinks before going to sleep. Caffeine at night is not good as it affects your body clock, sleep patterns and excessive intake can cause insomnia. Warm milk has now become boring so lets seek out some more options. Here are some perfect, tastier and healthier ways to wind down before bed.

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Bollywood Stars At Oscars 2017

Oscars 2017 will go down in history for all the last minute goof-ups. The 89th academy awards night is one of the largest and the grandest in Hollywood. However, there are good reasons for us to stand proud of. Bollywood was present at the prestigious event and we need to talk a bit about these stars who are taking India to the world quite literally. This goes to show how well respected our talent is and how beautifully the world welcomes our cinema, our actors and our craft.

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5 Food Studios in Mumbai To Decode The Culinary Secrets

When it comes to food, a lot of us enjoy cooking and love to explore the blend of ingredients, tastes and cuisines. Cooking is an art and is rightly said. Mumbai has abundant food joints to not give you a thought to stay back at home and step in the kitchen. But a lot of us do like to step in the kitchen. If you like cooking and want to seriously romance food and the culinary secrets, today we bring you a list of the finest cooking studios in Mumbai.  Here are 5 cooking studios you need to know if you do not want to miss delving deep into the secrets to great tastes and yummy dishes.

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