Our Weekly Event Guide March 12, 2017 To March 19, 2017

Our purpose is to discover the new, disruptive, pleasantly innovative stuff by creative minds around the country and the globe.  We curate the best events in the Indian cities which could be about art, brands, creativity, literature or social issues. So every week, we serve you with what we think are super cool ways to engage be it with your passion, family or friends. You can submit an event to us in an email. Check out the best vantage points in the cities.

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Best Music Shows in Indian Cities

Indians have the habit of tapping their feet even to the beats of simple environmental sound then why not dance and groove your bodies at the best music shows? With time that is evolving and the culture that is changing and adopting various other systems of the world, people have stated liking what is not only ours but of others who look for approval. Music can be the best example for the same as we have seen thousands of people crawling in the concert shows of the various international as well as national singers, dancing and enjoying the beats, throwing colors of laughter and celebration. So, here we have the list of the best music concerts in the remaining half of 2016. Buck yourselves up and book your tickets to get the best of the place at the venue.

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In the spirit of patriotism

I have been following the India Against Corruption (IAC) movement quite closely and its remarkable to see the spirit of patriotism in the hearts of people in India. Whether it is the true zeal to serve the country or the saturation level of the people that forces them to participate is a question I leave it on you. Personally I would like to believe its the inner quest that attracts you to go that extra mile to give a collective effort to bring in a change so huge.

I would like to share my story with the then Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the way media is projecting it to be, but will leave that for another post. In the last three years Indian politics has managed to catch the eyeballs like never before in its entire history and I can only get proud on it. For the time being lets leave the reasons aside and celebrate the fact that we are keen on things beyond the mundane school, college, corporate and house-wife life. We want change and we are adamant on taking it.

One such constructive initiative is coming up in the city of Delhi. Model Youth Parliament or to call it personally MY Parliament is an initiative to run young energy in governance/politics. Formerly called as Model Youth Parliament Forum (MYPF) will see a participation of 150 students selected from across national borders of India to step forward in the policy-making process and understand the Indian parliamentary affairs at an individual level. The two day event will churn out 4 bills that will be passed to the Prime Minister of India.

Wondering about the selection of the students?  They have been taken through a rigorous screening and are categorized into Member of Parliament, Cabinet Minister and Prime Minister.

MYPF is the incubation of the DIY Initiative by Raghav Garg. The founder of DIY initiative states that the idea of MYPF was to engage the youth in the age group of 18-30 years to participate and understand the functioning of the representative institutions of India and provide them with a hands-on experience in the policy making process. He concludes that the chosen participants are the creme of country’s young population and are expected to engage in highly efficient manner in the two-day event at Vishwayuvak Kendra.

Shri Venkaiah Naidu, Union Minister of Urban Development, Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation and Parliamentary Affairs expressed encouragement and support. He said the event is a great initiative which will extend the ongoing Youth Parliaments by Government of India to private individuals. He assured the ministry would look out for opportunities alike in the future.

MY Parliament will be witnessed by top policymakers, bureaucrats and current Members of the Parliament. The platform is expected to create wide-spread awareness about the significance of youth participation in policy-making and public policy issues. Going forward, MYPF aims to conduct more than 10 similar MY Parliament events nationwide in premier colleges and educational institutions in 2015.

More about MY Parliament

About – Model Youth Parliament or MY Parliament is a policy awareness initiative of the Model Youth Parliament Forum (MYPF). It aims to make the youth aware about parliamentary procedures and develop in students an insight into the working of the parliament. MY Parliament captures the essence of the vision laid down by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and acts as a catalyst to achieve the objectives laid under the Youth Parliament Scheme. It seeks to use technology and social media to create a platform where the youth can raise its opinions and voices in a structured format and present it to the incumbent policy makers.

The objective of the event – to sensitize the youth of the country about crucial Public Policy issues and their implementation.

Date & Venue

To be held on the 27th and 28th of September, 2014 at Vishwayuvak Kendra.

The event updates, pictures and memories will be covered here so do check out this space for the voices will matter.

I hope this event is a huge success and wish to be a part of it at earliest. I wish all the very best to the team and congratulate them for this remarkable beginning. Your views, opinions and insights matter, so pour them on in the comments below.