Our Weekly Event Guide March 12, 2017 To March 19, 2017

Our purpose is to discover the new, disruptive, pleasantly innovative stuff by creative minds around the country and the globe.  We curate the best events in the Indian cities which could be about art, brands, creativity, literature or social issues. So every week, we serve you with what we think are super cool ways to engage be it with your passion, family or friends. You can submit an event to us in an email. Check out the best vantage points in the cities.

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Food Workshops In Mumbai

Food is a culture in Mumbai. The vast diversity that the city owns brings with a variety of cuisines from around the world. From continental to Italian, Mexican to Spanish, street food and healthy dishes, every corner of this lively city brings the tastes of the world right in your plates. If you are someone who takes food seriously, loves cooking and exploring the culinary secrets, we bring you the list of food workshops to attend in Mumbai that will only take the love for food to the next level.

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Best Music Shows in Indian Cities

Indians have the habit of tapping their feet even to the beats of simple environmental sound then why not dance and groove your bodies at the best music shows? With time that is evolving and the culture that is changing and adopting various other systems of the world, people have stated liking what is not only ours but of others who look for approval. Music can be the best example for the same as we have seen thousands of people crawling in the concert shows of the various international as well as national singers, dancing and enjoying the beats, throwing colors of laughter and celebration. So, here we have the list of the best music concerts in the remaining half of 2016. Buck yourselves up and book your tickets to get the best of the place at the venue.

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Events to Look Forward To On July 23-24

July brings a lot of celebrations, pours and the pleasant weather that one would love to move out of their houses and make the most of their evenings. All the weekends are scheduled and packed and people wait for the weekends to move out of their daily routines and enjoy their time. Here, there is a list of the events that are going to take place on the 23-24 th of July, calling people out at various places to enjoy the cultural diversity.

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Be a Recycling Advocate for Planet Earth!

Fashion shows and clothes displayed by models on ramp are known to talk about the trends of the fashion world. Thus the attire becomes an expression of creativity and passion that is showcased in front of fashionistas. Ever thought of walking a ramp for our very own mother nature? You need not be a super model or a known cover girl or a buy, all you need to be is a concerned citizen of this planet who wants to contribute to the environment. So if curiosity is setting in, gear up to celebrate ‘Earth Day’ and make earth a stylish place to live in with a stylish ramp walk.

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