This Guy Tells You Quick Ways To Master Indian Constitution

We all are patriotic when it comes to our country. We feel for the problems, deal with them and celebrate our solutions. Our constitution acts as a guiding force from one time to another. Yes we all know this too. But have you ever thought of going through what is actually written in our ‘Samvidhaan’ ? The thought itself can freak out some given the length and breadth of issues it covers. But then that is what it is all about. We found three videos that can show you a cool way to smell the contents of our Constitution.

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What is the mystery of development?

Time and again there is a new political party that has almost same things to talk about in India. What changes is the generation.That’s heart wrenching and disgusting. I always wonder why is all that not happening?  Why our politicians are never done with city and/or state roads? Why is it that there is constant a struggle to send our kids to schools (No! that has nothing to do with rich or poor). Why our women are not happy? In spite of being a country with a rich and diverse culture, why is there so much duality? We have the homes of rich located exactly in between the slums of poor? What is the ideal way of governance?
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Why AAP is facing so many difficulties

Winning a 67/70 in Delhi elections was historic beginning of the year 2015. It has never happened in the history of Indian politics that a common man stood up to fight against corruption and went on to become a CM of a stateless administration not once but twice. This is ‘PURE Democracy’. This peoples mandate. On the other side the dignity and respect of  PM’s post has been constantly undermined by the careless silences and false promises within just one year of taking the oath. Trying to evaluate the situation in Delhi, I realize that the first and the most prominent thing that needs to happen in Delhi is full-statehood to end the duality of administration. The BJP is following a dictator attitude simply to stay in power and not let the elected government work in its entirety. This is clearly visible as the announcements of work and legitimate evaluations are suppressed by appointments and resignations of posts here and there to favor hooglism and waste time.
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