Indian Start-up Business Dialogue Is Here To Create The Right Dialogue

India is gearing up to become the largest entrepreneurial hub. With innovation, ideas and the zest to reach out to the world, what unknowingly takes a back seat is effective discussions or brainstorming sessions. It is that dialogue that changes the game and sets the way forward. ELDIL is here with Indian Start-up Business Dialogue (ISBD) to create engagement, support and motivation for budding entrepreneurs.

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Ladies! A night of gossip before the weekend is unmissable

Ladies! Gossip isn’t a sin. It’s an art. Why wait for weekend when you can do and get all of it on a Wednesday. Yes! The week is yet to close down, but you can chill out at The Mugshot Lounge. Avail free cocktails and many more exciting offers while your man claims a descent 20% off, if and only if he is accompanying you.

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High spirits this Saturday at The Mugshot Lounge & Cafe


Abhishek Mantri


Beat the heat while increasing the temperatures every weekend. The Mugshot Lounge offers you a reason to embrace the last summery Saturday of March. Abhishek Mantri ensures you a night full of vibrant electronic music. He will be performing the latest EDM tracks making waves internationally and are trending globally. You can now compete with the soaring March heat and even win over. So book your night full of high spirits and gear up for the week ahead.

You can register here and avail free passes.

Date-Day-Time: 28th March -Saturday 9 pm onwards.

Contact: +91 9049123019