Curated Reads – August 2016

A thing I love to do. This section is my favourite. I will make efforts to share all that I read. Whether online or otherwise. There is so much on internet and one is always wondering as to what should we use and what should we stay away from believing in. Tell me how it helps you and do like and share if you love it. Blatantly tell me if I should correct or improve on something.

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Happy 70th Independence Day To All The Fellow Indians

We have had a long struggle of freedom in past and since then, ideally we are independent from the Britishers but we have been tangled in ourselves after that. There are issues that we try to find independence from, be it from communalism, terrorism, reservations or corruption  Yet, 15th August is always celebrated as the Independence Day of India, from the British Rule, from the struggle, from the imprisonment, from harsh impositions and much more. On the contrary, it also did leave us apart from our brother country, Pakistan. This day India pledges to make the country better on all the fronts.

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Indian Gymnast Dipa Karmakar For Finals At Rio Olympics

Indian Gymnast Dipa Karmakar creates history as she qualifies for vault finals at Rio Olympics. She went down to pen her name in history books by becoming the first Indian woman to make it to individual vault finals after she completed her debut in Olympics games on 8th position in the qualifying round.

The finals that will be held on August 14th will be a day when Dipa lives her dream of becoming the first Indian Gymnast who can possibly bring a medal to India.

Dipa is from Tripura and India’s first woman gymnast to represent India in Olympic games. She clearly managed to perform her much appreciated ‘Produnova’ vault scoring 14.950 points.

Popular YouTube Channels To Learn Indian Style Cooking

Cooking is an art. As cliché as it may sound. One cannot do without food but to spend each day exploring the blend of culinary secrets and mysteries is not all choose to engage into. Food lovers will explore food till their last breath. In terms of ingredients, cooking and tastes. One of the easiest way to explore a variety of dishes and creative ways to fill the tummy is to use internet to your advantage. The digital age is not all that bad. There are various YouTube channels which you can subscribe to and make sure you have one new dish each day of your life.

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10 Popular YouTube Channels For Learning Languages

Language is said to be the linking pin between people and countries. And therefore, because the demand that is growing in learning new languages, we thought of listing a few YouTube channels that teach you different languages.

Here is a list of top 10 YouTube channels that make you learn languages in no time. All you need to do is to simply go through them, get the hitch of it and practice by speaking. And Voila! One more language adds up in your dictionary.

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