Women’s Day Advertising Campaigns To Look For

Women’s Day celebrations are all around as the International Women’s day nears on March 8. Every year this day brings to the fore different issues about women and gives us a reality check as to where have women actually marched. From education and employment, to entrepreneurship and social status, from being the heart of the family to taking risks that were never seen before with women, this is the day we get to notice the women of real spirits who are inspirational for change. We take a close look at some campaigns on women’s issues that are doing rounds and we think you should too. They are all out to make you feel special and important. Get pampered 😉

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Our New Section – Akshar – Bond Strong

India has recognised 22 languages as official languages. How many do you know? or how many can you speak? Languages are my love and I started teaching Hindi to Expats in 2011. Since then there has been no looking back. This initiative now expands and we are glad to announce that we are undertaking training courses for Indian Languages.

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Online Communities For Women Empowerment And Engagement

Women networking has not only come of age but also proved to be highly productive and contributing to women’s professional as well as personal lives. There are several online communities for women that have helped thousands of women to explore opportunities, fuel their passions and reach new heights. These communities have celebrated women at their best by providing them flexible employment, becoming a platform for discussing important issues and allowing women from all backgrounds have a voice of their own. Here is a list of 5 cool online communities for women that will bring a vibrant change to the woman in you.

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Air Charter Services – Travel luxurious

If you have been living in India, you know how chaotic, time consuming and expensive the traffic or travel for that matter  can get. Especially, if you hail from a metro city like Mumbai or Delhi. It’s not just nerve wrecking to wait for almost endless hours in traffic, but during festivals, occasions or any other emergency like situations, this traffic can literally become a question of life and death. So what do you really do in such situations and how do you deal with it?

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Best Music Shows in Indian Cities

Indians have the habit of tapping their feet even to the beats of simple environmental sound then why not dance and groove your bodies at the best music shows? With time that is evolving and the culture that is changing and adopting various other systems of the world, people have stated liking what is not only ours but of others who look for approval. Music can be the best example for the same as we have seen thousands of people crawling in the concert shows of the various international as well as national singers, dancing and enjoying the beats, throwing colors of laughter and celebration. So, here we have the list of the best music concerts in the remaining half of 2016. Buck yourselves up and book your tickets to get the best of the place at the venue.

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