International Literacy Day 2016 – All That Is Around Us

It is International Literacy Day today and we at Alivindia strongly believe in the importance of being a literate and also passing the legacy to our future generations. So what meaning the word ‘literacy’ has for you? We need some real, fun, quirky answers from you. Post them in the comments below and lets share our views. We bring you the updates and happenings around India and the world as everyone is talking and  thinking ‘LITERACY’.

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Curated Reads – August 2016

A thing I love to do. This section is my favourite. I will make efforts to share all that I read. Whether online or otherwise. There is so much on internet and one is always wondering as to what should we use and what should we stay away from believing in. Tell me how it helps you and do like and share if you love it. Blatantly tell me if I should correct or improve on something.

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