14 Bedtime Beverages For Better Sleep (With Recipes)

Coffee, Tea or a glass of plain warm milk are common picks when it comes to drinks before going to sleep. Caffeine at night is not good as it affects your body clock, sleep patterns and excessive intake can cause insomnia. Warm milk has now become boring so lets seek out some more options. Here are some perfect, tastier and healthier ways to wind down before bed.

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Benefits of Conscious Breathing


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All of us are leading a hectic lifestyle. We practically do not have the time to manage our health and wealth both at the same time, failing to realize that there are more pleasant things in life to do than just be active on social media or at your work place. Have you ever considered the impact of your stress and over busy schedules on your mental and emotional wellbeing? You might feel alright but there are chances you are missing the warning signals of health problems.

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Fun Monsoon Coffee recipes to try out at home

The monsoons in Mumbai are just amazing and you can experience all the bliss even with a simple coffee. Rains are a beautiful excuse to escape for a holiday with friends or family.Talking about coffee, do you really need a reason to sip coffee? No. But there are some that make a special call for coffee and not tea. Coffee lovers are the ones who know what I mean. Whether its the flavour & the taste, the place and its ambience or the company who choose to have that cup of coffee, it all makes for a complete experience. Personally I am equally keen with tea and coffee. It all depends on the reason and occasion. So here is a list of some really  cool coffee recipes that you can try out at home.

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What you din’t know about “the plant of immortality”

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That there are medicinal plants is not something naïve. But this one is the simplest to use. ‘Aloe Vera’ is termed as the “Plant of Immortality” by the ancient Egyptians. It’s simplicity in usage, multiple boons that cure various ailments and increased health benefits make it a perfect for keeps at home. Whether it’s in a gel form or a consumable form like juice, the plant serves you with many healing powers that you can experiment. Here are reasons why it’s a worth choice of medicine:

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